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Effective Treatment For Addictions

The insight, support, and treatment necessary to move from addiction to recovery

Addiction to drugs, both prescription and illegal drugs, as well as addiction to alcohol continues to be a significant issue throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. For those struggling with additions in the Colchester and Wivenhoe areas, Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group can provide the insight, support, and treatment necessary to move from addiction to recovery.

The Research Behind Addiction

Research has shown that addiction to both substances as well as specific behaviours, such as gambling, sex and even shopping, is not about lack of willpower, morals or self-esteem. There are often deep-rooted issues such as a family history of substance abuse or mental illness combined with genetic factors and current mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which contribute to the addiction.

The exact mechanism of how and why an addiction develops is still not fully understood, but research is getting closer to understanding the factors that trigger one individual to become addicted, while another can remain a casual user.

For the individual with an addiction, understanding these underlying factors is a critical part of recovery. It is not enough to treat the physiological symptoms of addiction. It is essential to change the self-messages, personal understanding and to treat the underlying mental health issues to truly provide long-term recovery and improved well-being. Talking therapy and integrated treatment approaches that are uniquely designed for the clients will be a part of each treatment plan.

Treating Addiction

At Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group, we focus our treatment plans on the individual and his or her addiction triggers, developing a positive, healthy path forward in recovery. For anyone with addictions, recognising the issue and reaching out for help is a very big step forward. We recognise the personal strength and courage needed to take this first step and each of our clients is treated with respect and compassion.

With a holistic, integrated approach to the treatment of any type of addiction, direct focus is placed on the individual needs of the client in each session. Through psychotherapy and counselling clients will discover more about themselves, experience personal growth and understanding, and begin to see themselves in a positive and hopeful way they may not have seen in a long time.

For many of the clients at the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group, there are underlying mental health issues that may be driving or fuelling the addiction. These may include depression, trauma, grief or anxiety. Many of these issues may go back to childhood and dysfunctional families where addictions may also have been an underlying cause of the chaos within the family unit.

It is possible to move from addiction to recovery. With the support and expertise of Philippe Jacquet at the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group, this recovery can be achieved on an outpatient basis, allowing the individual to continue to work, live at home, and spend time with the ones they love as they begin their journey to sobriety and clean living.

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