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Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialist Colchester Counselling for addictions, eating disorders & trauma

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Our Approach to Addiction and Eating Disorder Treatment

A truly client-focused approach for everyone

Many people with addictions and eating disorders have been to therapists and counsellors in the past.

These experiences have often been neutral at best or negative at worst, which makes it extremely courageous for individuals to keep seeking professionals who have the ability to work with them and create positive experiences.

At Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group, we start with the premise that we are here to benefit our clients. This is a truly client-focused approach with each individual seen as a unique person with different life experiences, backgrounds, family histories and current addiction problems.

Through this individualised look at our clients, we are able to develop individualised programmes for treatment. What works for one person may be completely ineffective for another, so we don't to use a standard approach to treatment.

Our Integrated Treatment Model

Our integrated treatment model is ideal for clients of any age and with any type of addiction or mental health disorder. Often issues such as anxiety, trauma, grief and depression are underlying issues to the eating disorder or depression. Other issues such as a dysfunctional family, a family history of addiction or issues with self-esteem and body image are also factors that can have a significant impact on treatment for some of our clients.

We can integrate various treatment modes and methods into a complete treatment plan that is uniquely crafted for the client. This is the most effective treatment option and allows our clients to explore the underlying issues of the addiction as well as developing effective, positive coping strategies to move forward on their journey through recovery.

Holistic View Of Our Clients

Through the integrated treatment approach offered by Mr. Jacquet and the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group, clients are not viewed as a collection of symptoms to be treated. Instead, we focus on the whole person, which allows for a more comprehensive treatment plan that goes beyond what conventional treatment may include. Mindfulness training, relaxation and developing effective coping skills for individual triggering events for the individual are an essential part of treating the complete person.

The Options

The treatment plans developed by the professionals at Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group may include a range of different services. These can include psychotherapy, which is critical in discovering hidden issues in the mind that may be driving the addictive behaviour. Learning how to understand how this occurs, and if negative emotions are driving the addiction by creating feelings of isolation, emptiness, sadness or anger, is a powerful tool for making essential changes.

Counselling can be offered as a treatment option that deals with issues occurring not in the past, but in the present. Counselling is often considered for a shorter-term treatment option or when addiction and underlying factors are known to the individual.

Coaching is also an area of expertise offered by Philippe Jacquet. This is more informal that psychotherapy or counselling and can be used once clients are on the road to recovery and need support for issues that are occurring or will occur in their life.

The approach to client treatment offered at Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group is unique to the individual. With this personalised approach to treatment, clients are supported, encouraged and respected as they enter recovery.

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