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Moving Beyond Anorexia

Helping clients develop a healthy relationship with food and a balanced perspective on life

Anorexia is not just an issue of dieting or extreme calorie restriction.

It is not about wanting to be thin and model-like in appearance. Researchers now understand that anorexia is a complex issue that involves extreme distortions in body image and self-esteem. It often includes other concurrent mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma in the individual's past.

It is this combination of factors that make the integrated treatment approach offered by Phillipe Jacquet at Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group so essential for recovery. During treatment, there will need to be immediate support for health and well-being combined with education, therapy and effective lifestyle choices that will address the whole individual and not just specific symptoms.

Unlike many of the other types of disorders treated by psychotherapists and counsellors, there is a very real risk of life-threatening conditions arising from anorexia. Individuals can become severely malnourished to the point where their bodies simply shut down and cease to function. Often, when malnutrition and significant weight loss has already occurred, the therapist will work in conjunction with a medical team to ensure care in a holistic plan that places the needs of the individual at the centre.

Important Issues to Consider

There are many different myths and misunderstandings in the public about anorexia nervosa. One of the most common is that it only happens to girls and that it is typically only found in girls in their mid to late teens. This is simply not true. It is not uncommon for early signs of body image distortions, extreme dieting and unhealthy levels of exercise to obtain an unrealistic body weight can occur in both boys and girls before their teenage years.

It is also possible for anorexia to occur in young adults or even older adults. It may be triggered by other issues in life such as sudden and dramatic changes, depression, anxiety or other types of untreated mental health conditions.

Individuals with anorexia are not dieting for reasons of vanity or to shed a few pounds. These are individuals that simply cannot see themselves as they are, constantly seeing themselves as heavy even as they become skeletally thin.

Additionally, the ability to control their food intake is often linked to extreme feelings of being out of control in other areas of their life. In this way, following a rigid routine of low caloric intake and excessive exercise to burn off calories is actually an unhealthy coping mechanism that has become an obsession and an uncontrollable behaviour.

Compassionate Treatment

Philippe Jacquet and the staff at the Eating Disorder & Addiction Specialists Group understand the challenges those dealing with anorexia face. We provide compassionate, supportive and personalised treatment plans that address the myriad of issues that are required for recovery.

With our holistic approach to treatment, clients will develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, which starts by addressing the root issues of the need for control and perfection in life. Through talk therapies and other therapeutic options, clients will develop a positive image of self as well as a healthy perspective on balance in their life.

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